Bermudaful Adaptions

Bermudaful Adaptions is an exclusive beachwear and adapted fashion collection inspired by the vibrant colours and textures of Bermuda.

Using creative knit techniques gives the collection a playful and tactile appearance, for example, partial knitting, holding stitches, intarsia, and pleating.

The vibrant colours reflect Bermuda's colourful houses, vibrant fish, and the aqua ocean surrounding the island. The fabrics translate the architectural geometrics and floating movement of Bermuda, whilst keeping a fun flow and texture.



Coverup Beach Dress and Top

100% Cotton • Breathable • Adjustable • Comfortable

Made-to-measure in different sizes and colourways

Adaptive Designs


Adaptions and disability... 

Seated design - Skort with higher back to front, elasticated waist and magnetic side seam. A top with an arched high back leaving no excess fabric and an arched front for aesthetics. These garments could be paired with either the magnetic fastening cape with inside ties and a hood or the yellow cardigan with adjustable fastenings.

For seated and considered design - The wrap skirt which is zero waste with a tie side and inside poppers for security and a top that needs no fastening and is stretchy.

Hidden/varied disability design- Two under-layer pieces, a bandeau top with magnetic removable straps that can be worn in different ways and shorts with an elasticated waist. Both designed for ease of dressing with simple fastenings and made out of 100% Merino wool which has thermoregulating properties that will promote comfort. These under garments can be worn with - The v-neck draped dress, designed oversized with a tightening back. Or the yellow beach coverup dress with adjustable straps and a low back.

The garments are all made from 100% cotton to give them breathability and comfort. (unless otherwise stated)



Wheelchair bag made from intarsia designed to sit on the handles

Shoulder clutch bag.