Design Consultancy

Helping your organisation or business become inclusive from the design process through to cost-effective manufacturing.

Inclusive Fashion can be fun!

Inclusive fashion does not only have to be functional — it can also be bold, expressive, fun, stylish, and unique. 

We do not need to design as though people are disabled, by designing creatively whilst  considering elements and changes we could make, disabled people can also express themselves through the fashion that they wear.

Small adaptions make big differences

  • Using thermoregulating and comfortable fabrics.
  • Carefully placed seams to reduce discomfort.
  • Special fastenings to support dressing: Velcro, poppers, elastic waistbands etc…
  • Designs for both those with hidden disabilities and those using mobility aids.
  • Considering these types of elements from the point of design through to construction.

Let me help you

With passion and experience about creating adapted fashion, we can make a diverse future. Conscientious and determined, with excellent communication skills. Strong work ethic and ability to deal with people and targets.